• Richard Boyatzis

    "Great leadership is common knowledge but not common practice"

  • Leadership Coaching

    For those wanting to take their leadership to the next level

    Leadership Coaching

    Are you taking up a new leadership or senior executive position?


    Do you want to develop your authentic leadership style and improve your impact?


    Do you want to bring your organisation or team with you and deliver first class results?


    I will work with you to help you uncover what it is you're leading for; help re-ground you in what great leadership looks like; and through the use of different psychometric assessments help you better understand your preferences and strengths. From this platform we'll explore the best ways for you to engage those around you, understand and employ different leadership styles and deliver first class results.


    I am Steve Radcliffe trained (one of Europe's most successful leadership coaches) and have built up a wealth of experience working with leaders at all levels from Government Minsters, CEOs, CTOs in Tech Start Ups to new team leaders in organisations such as the Department for International Development and the U.K's Treasury. I have years of experience working as a senior government official, have set up and run my own business and have delivered over 700 hour of coaching in the last two years.


    Interested? Drop me an e-mail and we'll arrange a free consultation


    "James is a skilled coach with a natural talent. In developing a strong partnership with clients, he devotes time and energy to understanding their needs, and working with them to improve their professional practice. James’ ability to draw on an armoury of experience, whilst focusing on supporting client-led exploration and resolution creates the ideal conditions for growth. I have personally found James’ support to be invaluable, with practical results from day 1. I would highly recommend James, and be happy to provide a personal recommendations to anyone keen to better understand what this kind of coaching can deliver. I began by wondering if it would be useful, and now wonder why I ever thought I could succeed without it." Dr Ben Rolfe - CEO at Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance

  • James

    “Finding the perfect career is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together”

  • Career Coaching

    For people who want to find meaningful work and successfully change careers

    Would you like to move forwards on a new career path?

    Are you generally feeling a bit stuck?

    Do you need some help thinking through what your next steps might be?


    I specialise in helping people like you develop clarity and implement an action plan for your perfect career.


    So, how does it work?

    Each coaching engagement is unique and will be structured to suit you and your needs. Nonetheless, the process I have adapted and developed tends to have five components:

    1. Understanding your inner compass - A process that looks at who you are: – your values, passions, interests and a lot more. This stage helps us both understand what makes you unique and what motivates you.

    2. Career identification - This part in the process helps find potential careers that could be a good fit for you. It is done through employing a creative thinking process, strength based psychology tests and getting into action as quickly as possible.

    3. Career assessment – Here we combine the first two stages and narrow down our options to find a career that is most aligned to who you are. We then look to “try on” the potential careers to really check if it is a good fit and feels right.

    4. Conquer – Here we look to overcome very normal doubts and fears associated with shifting careers and get you to reconnect with your confidence.

    5. Plan, plan, plan – in this final stage we develop a blueprint for your next career and look to take the first steps.

    If you'd like to find out more drop me an e-mail and we'll arrange a free consultation.


    "James not only helped me to decide on what career to pursue, but also to decide what else I wanted out of life - where to live, family life and the type of person I aspire to be. That's incredible, given I hadn't been able to make decisions on any of this in the last 20 years". - Liane

  • Testimonials

    What people are saying about working with James

  • "James is a fantastic coach. He is encouraging, understanding, intuitive, inspiring and extremely motivating. When I first signed up to coaching I didn't know what to expect, I just knew I needed help finding direction. I had no idea where to start or what to do and I felt pretty lost. James took the time to get to know me and my individual story and together we worked out a plan that was right for me, step by step at my own pace. He made me feel totally at ease and after every session I left feeling empowered and confident. I now know myself and what I want out of life more than ever before and best of all I have acquired a new set of tools that I can use to make my hopes and aspirations a reality. The coaching experience is the best investment I could have made for my future career and happiness and I will always be grateful to James for this." - Ellie 


    A letter from a recent client


    I started this journey with no clear idea of what I was aiming for. I knew I wanted greater clarity of my future career but I had absolutely no idea how to navigate the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be. I felt completely lost.

    You helped me to find my expression and to confidently take the steps necessary to make that real in the world. I can’t thank you enough for that.

    Your bespoke approach is amazing, it seemed like all the elements were designed just to fit me. You took the time to get to know me, understand what is important to me, all the while bringing your warm personality and easy engaging way into our sessions. Your approach is practical, encompassing, and – of huge importance to me – sustainable! I keep my toolkit with me always! You supported me step by step to identify my short and long term goals and chart a course to reach them. You helped me to believe that I could actually do it. You helped me find my direction.

    I will always remember what I’ve achieved with you - a framework to proactively step forward with confidence and conviction. I am thrilled with the progress I’ve made; resigning from my current role, company and industry to embark on new beginnings in a job and field I had only vague and far off aspirations of when I began my sessions with you. Thank you for helping me to realise that the search for my passion is not the same as a job title or a company, for helping me to find a field of work connected to a mission that resonates with my beliefs and is aligned with my unique set of skills, for helping me to embrace positive change and to re-write my story by my own definition of success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - CM


    "I found the coaching really useful to figure out possible career paths going forward. James' positive, honest approach and thought provoking questions helped me to think in different ways about how to overcome what I saw as challenges and to see them as opportunities. The interesting materials and stretching exercises meant I felt I really figured out my values and skill set and how to align these two. Most importantly I enjoyed the sessions immensely. James has a great sense of humour and inspiring work and life experience which meant I gained a great perspective and a desire to never give up on my goals." - Aisling B


    "Three months ago, I was preparing to move to the UK, and thought it would be a great idea to explore career alternatives. I found James through an internet search, and for the past three months, he's been leading me to insight after insight into my work and career needs and dreams. Because of his coaching, I'm clearer than ever before on what's important to me, and importantly, I'm now equipped with the confidence and know-how to contact people in different industries and ask them pertinent questions." - Jax J


    "Working with James has been a hugely helpful and rewarding experience. I started career coaching after becoming jaded with my job but I didn't have a clear sense of purpose and strategy about what to do next. At the time I time I wasn't wholly confident that career coaching would be useful, but I decided to give it a try and found James was extremely encouraging, attentive and practical during our sessions. Together we were able identify, analyse and create a plan of action to not only improve my career, but also to expand my thinking and way of working. James was integral to improving my situation and for anyone who may be in a similar position, I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is a very understanding and bright person who I have found to be an excellent and supportive coach." - Aran


    “I started working with James about 3 months ago. I knew I wanted to start a business doing something I love but was working full time and had no idea which direction to go. My work with James helped me to clarify where I was; where I wanted to be and to plan and carry out actions towards achieving getting where I wanted to be. We had regular sessions in which James guided me on my path; always listening and checking in to make sure we were moving in the right direction for me. I found James to be extremely attentive; excellent at listening, supporting and guiding me towards my destination. During the three months of working together I have achieved clarity in my goals, started a new business doing something I love and I am well on my way to building that into a full time career path. I would not be where I am now without James’s help. Throughout the work he maintained both a professional and personable stance. He works with honesty and integrity and is definitely the go to person I would recommend for personal and business coaching.” - Beccy


    "James has been an integral part of the successful growth of my social enterprise this year. Having someone to bounce ideas off, listen to the struggles, help me recognise the positive things that have happened when it's a whirlwind has been invaluable. Being a one-man-band used to be lonely...not any more! His calm, positive persona and practical input are always spot on. Working with James is a total game changer." - Rachel


    "James is a fantastic coach and would strongly recommend him. He did a really great job of coaching me. I went into the process thinking that 4 hours sitting with any intelligent thoughtful person discussing my approach to work would be helpful, whether a coach or not. But I got to appreciate the added value of James' approach. He worked very hard to be non-directive and he was successful in that and it helped produce better results. But he also did direct the conversation somewhat by asking insightful questions. I enjoyed the fact that these questions took me in unexpected directions and that he always gave me the opportunity to bring the conversation back to the main topic if I wanted." - Matthew

    "James is a great coach. I love our sessions together and I know they are helping me to get to where I want to be quickly.” - Sam    


    “In modern life it is easy to get into a routine and be rushing around while long term goals, aims and dreams get put on the backburner. I found working with James brought my own aims into a clearer focus. Resultantly, I could begin making more significant progress towards them. Instead of having a vague thought at the back of your mind, you have James coaching you along, asking the right questions and helping you determine what obstacles need to be overcome and what steps are required to achieve your stated goals.” - Will


    "James has a raft of great exercises which help you learn about yourself, your motivations and skills and which help you get on. It has had a huge impact on my life and the way I view life. I can't thank him enough.” - Caroline
    "James is so motivating. He makes you realise that it IS possible and you have so much to offer." - Andrew


    "I have thoroughly enjoyed working with James. He has really made me open my mind up to approaching challenges in a different way - with great results that I would have found very difficult to achieve by myself. James is exceptionally patient which, with my stubbornness, is no mean feat! I recommend his coaching support to anyone seeking motivation, healthy challenge, making a change and a fresh perspective. Thanks!" - Samantha B


    "James not only helped me to decide on what career to pursue, but also to decide what else I wanted out of life - where to live, family life and the type of person I aspire to be. That's incredible, given I hadn't been able to make decisions on any of this in the last 20 years". - Liane

  • About

    James Bianco

    I have been lucky enough to work with some of the greatest coaches and clients and know first-hand the impact coaching can have on both one’s life and career.


    I work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds including those who work for large consulting firms, those in international development, the charity sector, business owners and social entrepreneurs.


    In terms of my background: I have set up and run my own business, founded a social enterprise, work in international development and coach professionally. I have also lived and worked in many different countries including Bangladesh, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Mozambique and even Scotland enabling me to experience many different cultures and ways of approaching work.


    I have been certified by Oxford Brookes University as a Skills and Performance Coach am Steve Radcliffe trained (one of Europe's most successful leadership coaches) and sign up to the International Coaching Federation's code of ethics.


    Coaching has become a passion and a way of life for me. If you'd like to find out more drop me an e-mail and we'll arrange a free consultation.


    Let's arrange a time to talk.

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