• Bring your leadership into focus

    Are you taking up a new leadership position and want to hit the ground running?

    Do you want to develop your authentic leadership style and improve your impact?

    Do you want to bring your organisation or team with you and deliver first class results?​

    If the answer to any of these questions is yes, email me and we'll arrange a free consultation.

  • So, how does it work?

    As with all my coaching our work together will be designed to suit your specific needs. However, there are three main areas I tend to work in.

  • This regular engagement is for those looking to take their leadership practice to the next level. Through this process many of my clients develop or refine their leadership vision; learn from the some of the best leadership texts out there; develop the mental fitness to thrive and lead in complex environments; explore, understand and develop their emotional intelligence; and bring all of this learning into their daily leadership practice – helping them become the person and leader they are capable of being.

    This engagement is for you if you are moving into a more senior role either within your current organisation or in a new organisation and want to put in some great foundations to make it a success. We’ll develop a framework to think though this transition drawing on Harvard Business Review research and apply and adapt it live to the situations you face. This all helps to maximise the chances of the move being the success you would most like it to be.

    This focused coaching is for those looking to fast track their development as a leader, unlock their potential and accelerate the results you can achieve.

  • Recommendations

    "I would highly recommend James, and be happy to provide a personal recommendation to anyone keen to better understand what this kind of coaching can deliver. I began by wondering if it would be useful, and now wonder why I ever thought I could succeed without it."

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