• Start your next career chapter

    Do you want to start your next career chapter doing something you care about deeply and that excites you?


    Are you uncertain about how to start this journey or navigate this new terrain?

    Would you like to partner with someone who employs a world class methodology and has supported hundreds of others on this journey?

    If the answer to any of these questions is yes, email me and we'll arrange a free consultation.

  • So, how does it work?

    The approach will be designed to suit you and your specific needs. Nonetheless, many of my clients have found that sitting within a world class, tried and tested process for the initial phases of our work reaps huge dividends. These phases include:

  • In this first phase of work we'll uncover your values, expansively explore your interests and discover new ones. We'll also practice new ways of being in the world.


    This work is designed to get you out of any ruts you may be in, get you into action, and see multiple future career options.

    In this phase of our work together we'll take the material and practices from the expansive discovering phase and focus down to between three and five career themes.

    In this final phase we take the risk out of the next chapter of your career by creating mini-experiments. These will help you get direct experience of the type of work you are considering and enable you to create new networks. From here you'll have a strong platform to shift into your new career.

    "My coaching and this process has proved time and time again to help my clients find careers that they really love."

    James Bianco

  • Recommendations

    Clare Islei

    Client Director at London Business School


    "James took the time to get to know me, understand what is important to me, all the while bringing his warm personality and easy engaging way into our sessions. His approach is practical, encompassing, and sustainable! I keep my toolkit with me always! He supported me step by step to identify my short and long term goals and chart a course to reach them. He helped me to believe that I could actually do it and to find my direction. Working with James was an absolute pleasure, I can’t recommend him highly enough."

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